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Mobile Web Guide One of our goals at Hopscotch has been to give casual visitors to our parks and natural areas, really useful field guides. The challenge is two-fold: most visitors have little nature knowledge or resources, and most parks have no facilities. The smartphone has allowed us to get closer to solving the dilemma; we have created our mobile nature guides.

Our mobile nature guides combine an interactive trail map with multimedia plant and animal identification field guide. The trail map is customized to the park trail and displays geolocation of user, and hotspots for points of interest which can link to profile pages. The field guide content is customized to the park and season, so users get just the information they need. The mobile apps work on anything and anywhere. They can be distributed online, and offline from the park trailhead.


In summer 2013 we partnered with Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to develop a mobile field guide to the common birds, plants and insects of Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. The guide was distributed to visitors on-site from a portable wireless access point.